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Missed Opportunity- Halloween Party

The more I think about it the more it bothers me. I just felt awkward going to a party and feeling like I was the only person there that wasn’t “with” someone.



It was Halloween, and my husband and I usually spent that day with our kids cutting up pumpkins, decorating their faces, and handing out candy. But, about two years ago, we separated and since that time, I have been taking care of three children, maintaining our home, and working a full time job. The little bit of spare time that I now have for myself is usually spent hanging around the house making sure that the kids are occupied or just watching television.


So when my girlfriend asked me to go to her Halloween party, I didn’t take the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone .. I declined and just stayed home.  A few days later, I was talking with some of the moms while waiting for the kids at school, and they were saying how much fun they had at the party. When one of my girlfriends asked me why I didn’t come, I just looked down and felt the pain of being single and lonely. But that feeling and the conversation between the girls made me realize that I could have had a good time and not felt out of place. I had the misconception that I would be viewed differently. I missed out on a good time. That was a great learning experience for me, though, and that day I promised myself to push myself and to step out of m comfort zone so that I don’t miss another opportunity to live the rest of my life.

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