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Meet The Team

Keith Nelson


O: 864-640-5379 | F: 864-834-3002


Keith Nelson learned what not to do when presented with an opportunity through many first person experiences. As a result he gained a wealth of diverse experience and a keen insight on how to reverse engineer a failed outcome into a process for success. Nelson completed his well rounded educational background with majors in Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts, a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology, and a master’s degree in Education. His enthusiasm to explore new opportunities led him through an interesting assortment of careers including stints as a tax assessor, insurance claims representative, small business owner and entrepreneur, website designer, personal trainer, natural bodybuilder, Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, teacher and coach. Through this assorted background he has gained the experience necessary to make him an expert in the area of recognizing and dissecting various opportunities.

O: 646-996-8589 | F: 864-834-3002

Anthony Rienzi


Anthony Rienzi began creating opportunities for himself at an early age. During high school he and his brothers started a small business that flourished into a thriving, expanding enterprise. After earning a degree in accounting he worked for several years as a sales representative and was involved in various aspects of business management. Circumstances and choices led to a career in law enforcement and he served as police officer for the NYPD. Later he became a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration and ultimately achieved a position as a Special Agent within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His insatiable desire to achieve more and share his knowledge led to the writing of this book, which will enable others to benefit from his diverse experience.

As DEA and FBI Special Agents the authors were trained to use fact based interviewing techniques and investigative analyzing skills. These same skills were used in order to break down a missed opportunity and identify what went wrong and how it could have been corrected. Through personal experiences and conducted interviews the authors took repetitive facts of failure and utilized them to create an outline of skills and techniques for success, which are presented in this straightforward informational book


They believe that all the knowledge gained through multiple missed opportunities should be shared with others in order to guide them through their own decision-making processes so that they can seize life-changing opportunities without regret. They are eager to share the experiences presented in this book and are excited for readers to gain invaluable benefits that will help them improve their lives, reach their goals, and live out their dreams.

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