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Embracing Change

Our lives today have been determined by how we reacted to change in the past. Opportunity and change are so closely related and can be thought of as indistinguishable events. Change always accompanies opportunity and opportunity is a change itself.


Most people who find it difficult to live or even think outside of their comfort zone do not embrace change. Change challenges our comfort zone. Much of the stress we experience in life is due to an inability to accept change. Most people are so set in their ways that change throws them off kilter, but the truth is that the only absolutely predictable fact of life is that change happens.

People don’t make changes for many reasons; negative attitudes, fear of failure, stress of the unknown, breaking comfortable routines and altering their grasp of reality. Those beliefs make up our self perception. How we perceive ourselves directly affects how we will react to the opportunities in front of us. In order to take advantage of opportunities we must put aside our reservations and fears and embrace change.


Just because something has always been done one way, doesn't mean that it has to continue to be that way. If you do not embrace change then you are setting yourself up to accept unhappiness into your life. Good things come out of change and many opportunities will be presented out of change.


Three tips for dealing with change.

1. Expect it: Changes will happen, be they good, bad or indifferent.

2. Remember that every change or obstacle you face opens a door to opportunity.

3. You’ve rehearsed for it: Everyone has coped successfully with changes in the past. (you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t)


No matter what form changes take, know that every one of them brings another chance for a fresh opportunity. Do not fear or resist change but embrace it as a transformative event that will bring you new skills and experience and help propel you forward toward the attainment of your lifelong goals and dreams.

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