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Timing and Opportunity- Part 2

Reducing the Negative Impact of Bad Timing


No one has a crystal ball that can perfectly predict timing to control its impact. But it is possible to minimize the negative influence of timing while maximizing its positive significance and increasing your chances of succeeding at opportunities.



Investing in the stock market without conducting research will result in less control over the timing of your purchases and sales. But if you study market trends, company profiles, quarterly predictions, and other fundamental factors you can improve your good timing and enhance your investment opportunity.



If you decide to have children but the economy is poor and you do not have a stable job, postponing the pregnancy until you are more financially secure will shift the potential significance of timing from negative to positive.



Timing can greatly affect the writing of a book or screenplay, the unveiling of a new invention, or the transformation of an idea into a product or business. The longer you wait before putting your idea or plan into action, for example, the more that increases the chance that someone else with faster timing will beat you to the punch and steal your thunder. Do your preparation and research sooner and then take action without unnecessary delays and you can reduce the chance that somebody else will preempt your idea and get it to market ahead of you.


Utilizing this kind of skill and planning to minimize the negative impact and maximize the positive influence of timing may seem like common sense or simple logic. But it doesn’t always happen automatically so it is vital that you practice doing the things that will improve your timing. Recognize how the timing of events and decisions plays a critical role when pursuing opportunities. Pay close attention to the importance and impact of your timing on the outcome of events and opportunities. Strike when the iron is hot.


That way you’ll be able to more easily avoid the regrets that bad timing causes, and others who confuse intentional timing with luck will look at how your life unfolds and think to themselves “That person seems to catch all the breaks!” It looks to them like dumb luck. But you know it was really smart luck based on intelligent timing and preparation.

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