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Hard Work and Opportunity

The definition of hard work is exertion or effort that is difficult or challenging and is intended to produce a desired outcome. It is important to understand that all successful people put a tremendous amount of hard work into achieving their goals. And it is equally important to know that when you’re faced with an opportunity and don’t apply hard work to take full advantage of it you will end up with regrets. If you work hard towards set goals, that hard work just may be the key that opens the door when opportunity knocks.  


In the government we have a saying that 80 % of the people do 20% of the work and 20% of the people do 80% of the work. I like to believe that I am in the 20% contributing to the whole. Although, I am a hard worker, it is evident to me that there are many of my co-workers that are better educated and have more experience. The only advantage I have above those other agents is that I constantly push myself to do better, learn more, contribute where I can, and focus on the goals of the Bureau.

I was working an international case that crossed several Divisions and legal violations to include International Crime, Money Transfers and Computer Crimes. Even though my squad worked the international crime aspect, I regularly coordinated with my colleagues from the other divisions. While coordinating with one of the other division heads, I came developed a plan on how the Money Transfer Division Chief could effectively expand his program both domestically and internationally. As a result of my hard work, enthusiasm and willingness to contribute, I was offered a position in the Money Transfer Unit. The transfer would be a promotion and a pay increase and was a direct result of my willingness to contribute beyond my assigned duties.

There were many agents that had been waiting for that position and I was not one of them, the fact is I didn’t even know that position existed. My hard work created this opportunity; one I didn’t know was out there. I worked my case above and beyond what was asked and contributed where I was not required to contribute. I had a genuine interest in making the program better even though there was no obvious benefit to me. In summary, hard work alone may get you nowhere, but it can create opportunities that otherwise may not exist- as long as you keep your eyes open to spot them.    

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